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[2018-03-08] Ear gym way too advanced for my level right now [[androidapp]]

[2019-02-14] How difficult is it to be able to recognize intervals? (Relative Pitch) : Guitar

Yep. The easiest way I've found is to associate intervals with songs. For example, for me, a perfect 4th is the first 2 notes to "Here Comes the Bride" and a perfect 5th is the first 2 notes of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star."

Huh. Tried perfect ear app and could distinguish minor and major seconds with 80% accuracy since applied reasoning about rational fractions [[music]]

Practice singing

How to add these synth fuzzy noises to other musical instruments?

[2019-01-14] Kevin Boone's Web site [[read]]

[2021-01-09] instead use toread tags? also need to exclude from Logseq's reach maybe or make togglable?

basically would be nice to 'delete' the node on ad-hoc basis to untangle the graph
also need some way to prevent tag inheritance for certain entries? e.g. via a property or something…


basic structure: drums + bass + chords + melody [[drill]]

This is an example of minimal techno; here the focus is on slow, subtle changes, primarily to the nature of the sounds themselves, rather than to the notes and rhythms.

harmonizing [[study]]

But combining (or harmonizing) the melody with some chords helps to fill out the texture. This is an example of a simple chord progression: a series of chords played in a particular order. In many types of music, chord progressions are used to create a sense of tension and release, by moving away from the tonic of the song and then back again.

  1-5-6-4: the most common chord progression

  A pre-chorus is a section that serves as a kind of link between a song’s verses and its choruses. In this song, each pre-chorus helps to build a sense of tension and energy that leads into the chorus. Each of the three eight-bar pre-choruses in this song has identical lyrics.

related [[music]]

[2019-07-28] Scotch Snaps in Hip Hop - YouTube [[towatch]]
PBS sound field

[2019-01-19] (2) Music And Measure Theory - YouTube [[musictheory]]
all powers of sqrt 2 are withing 1% error to sufficiently small rational numbers

would be interesting to try other roots

[2019-01-24] right, as I found out later, some people did try!

[2019-02-08] Can science make a better music theory? | The Ethan Hein Blog [[music]]
why do we love harmonies and chords

[2019-08-18] Composition Tutorial: The Musical Transition (Part 1) - YouTube

5:12 'And that's okay. It's okay to be wrong'.
I did actually think it was an improvement but that still cracked me up.

yeah, dunno, I didn't get very convinced by his arguments

[2019-01-23] Music theory for nerds / fuzzy notepad [[musictheory]] [[math]]