TODOversion control system that captures movements

etc very helpful cool emacs articles, worth digging into so much knowledge on this page!

learn to implement type theory? might be a useful cs course:

saved-links file?

article: everyone is programming poorly visualization of all these no code and communication skills compare to real code

meme about academia: multi column beta (research paper) vs freewriting chad tips for icon design - and designing them fast! icon inspiration? select component conventions can be super useful! problems with line height lots of good svg generators : this is an incredible way to experience a font!

creative web inspiration: love this! very cool idea and page!


TODOAdd 'Edit on GitHub' button

TODOConvert links to references on push

this way i'll actually have them in the future should be part of a CI job or something; maybe locally in the editor? could take a lot of time though.

TODOdynamically fetch and insert titles into .org files

this way i dont have to retype the title, as i do most of the time. easier to just go back and change it than to have to manually add the title

TODOremove personal info

some config to prevent pages with personal info from showing in public wiki, but allowing me to browse them freely locally cool idea

get wifi from a QR code

i think cobang uses networkmanager so its fine?

TODO: mimic the AUR pkgbuild as a nix flake

learning goals

i want to be able to understand these: and the lambda cube!