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too much input!! https://niccolo.substack.com/p/the-dubrovnik-interviews-marc-andreessen very smart man, draws from such an incredible wealth of inputs and resources. true academic, despite his abrasive language.

"all progress out of humanity's default state of misery and despair comes from being able to freely think, write, and argue" every city was once a startup!

hypecronformity is a significant issue - or is at least interesting. if you consume the standard media product, you are by definition only consuming a single narrative! monocultures are so bad and unhealthy - though much of political division is a fundamental result of how we vote, and this may be why the US is doomed to fail, but anyways...

buxton index :: measure of time until payoff (from dijkstra); relevaent to research, and allows mgmt comparison between different industries!

note to self: while i can see them coming, work on things with long time scales and big payoffs. text supremacy: serious thought is best transmitted through the written word. clubhouse, audio, leaves far too much rioom for error, though in greece socrates was a clear oral supremacist! he posited that oral was far better as text has no way to interact; it cah't choose to presenta monolith and must engage with all of its inputs. disciplined debate empowers this.

Walter Ong: text is abstract, analytical, mathematical, clinical, while oral is grounded, intuitive, emotional. heinrich: growing up in text culture reallocates processing intended for faces to text! which explains a lot! twittes is said to bie oral masquerading as textual - quick responses with interaction. he posits that clubhouse is a mimic of the athenian agora. (i do not

virtual world deserves to be enhanced because most people do not have the 'reality privilege' of a vibrant and stimulating real life!

losing soul in a photo is real.