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https://www.quantamagazine.org/brains-background-noise-may-hold-clues-to-persistent-mysteries-20210208/ sleep research: finding boundaries between wakefulness and consciousness in erratic background of neuron activity kind of bad article imo, doesnt give enough detail - but kind of interesting! using filtered frequency ranges with fourier analysis to find things in 'random noise' to identify memory decline, memory issues, etc

cat person and me


another article, like me, like my article; like other articles, a reflection of abuse and how it impacts others. strange relationship with biography that's almost fiction but not quite - sometimes a misappropriation of our sstories, but who owns a story?

building a memex!!


built a universal full text search engine, indexing lots of public information online to post - optimizing for time to first result with just a vague query in mind to see what we have seen before! need something we also own and understand - this is so important for the software we write. owning your own services is so valuable. feel safe allowing it to index my personal and private data - the data is more personal and significant than other files! should own my entire data stack. incredible experience report so far. should index people i have met! incredible experience! infraastructural project.

great site

https://isthisa.com/ indexes some excellent posts

bush on the memex

https://hyfen.net/memex/updates/crystals-esp-and-mind-control the idea of the machine!!


Personal Websiteshttps://maxbittker.com/making-sandspiel the website is super fun and the falling sand game specifically - reminds me of all those games about combining chemicals together!

TODOthe book of tea

https://www.sacred-texts.com/bud/tea.htm teaism - culture unto itself - promoted by japanese isolation. much ado about nothing? a tempest in a teacup! in a particular manner for tea = always. heaven is shattered in struggle for power, but tea is mediation, almost.

TODOgenerative work

Generative ArtRust



  • approximation of physariam transport networks: jeff jones, via georgios cherouvim

  • physarium structure effectively searches to find shortest paths!

  • look into simulation systems:

    • containment based

    • simulation based

  • email them about this too! this looks incredible!

particle interactions with deposited substrate


  • agents deposit substrate into the environment

  • sample environment using sensors

  • systems work well with organic simulations; model after natural phenomena!

great clustering behavior?! look for something that can parallelize as well! how do we keep the nature while losing the computational complexity? want emerging behaviors to be results of any kind of particle interactions. read lots of the referenced articles! love decision tree approach based on concentration levels of the substrate at specific sensor positions.

deposited substrate as communication layer framework (helpful to have high level models of this behavior!)

  • write :: how do particles modify substrates?

  • read + react :: how to they read substrates and react according to it? reaction will always depend on how data is read from environment

  • env, update :: how to environment and substrates evolve over time? are there other systems and rules applied to the module?

  • ptp interactions :: does it require true particle to particle interactions?

particles are often a means to construct the transport network rather than visualizing the network itself - we can then re-add particles to the networks that appear to be logical but are really just approximated from generated paths

the attraction and repulsion dynamics (local) are fascinating here! good use of simulation code throughout the article - big fan of this style. come back to this!


seamless way to transition rom phone to desktop work and jot down different ideas in environments

the email: ssh program that gives you drag and drop move capabilities

Jul 12, 2021 11:02:42 PM Jake Chvatal <jake@isnt.online>:

inspired by android remote install thing somehow



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