#FtFI 2021 07 28

Linus Lee

9am - Linus Lee, 9:30am - Kevin Lin (Dendron), 10am - Rafael Nepo (mee.cc)

Incremental note taking

gardening more like chronolo

good notes should behave like a memory

context infinite transcript of your thoughts that was our life's canvas for ideas

Captured ideas > missed ideas fast lightweight always available

adding > updating ideas


write right where u reference

append first


Ideas cnat recall are worse than useless

effective reacall seazrch connections

connections reminders

backlong references

contextual reminders

time is essential to how we remember

knowledge in the context of time Linus Lee

"Highliht first rather than graph first"


12.000 docs


json index

Search happens in the browser

Searching Google is disvoeery

searching my path` trigram index

APSE a Personal search Engine Dogsheep.github.io

From Jess Martin to Everyone: 06:22 PM re: real-time feedback, my fav feature of my note-taking system is the live autocomplete across my notes when I type [[. But that's just titles! Would love a full index.

search brings up the tools that can do infinite

shared storage layer

https://mymind.com/ has a pretty powerful image search, i’ve been surprised how good it is at matching words to the content of images

Linus you said something like "Highlight first rather than graph first"

ingesdt and search one flow

indexing pocket

Linus Lee

Personal append



hierarchical knowledge base local firstbuilt into the IDE


type system for your notes


vaults folder work/Personalpublishe/private

NPM for docs

mode is composable

you get that because

easy to publish discover

XML sfailed

realy hard to sepcigy format

the only structure is the hiearach

Make Knowledge more like Code

Comoposable modular re-usable

partition your knowledge

find ans share all the things you are thinking about

start from a blank page articulate my learning

Everything is a conversation remix, articulation, discovery

make code more like learning


namespaces moderation reputation


Rafael Nepo

You do not know something exist until you stumble upon *

organize things in a modular function Trail and Cards form a board

Organize and present information

make full screen that go

templates for a card 100s

Calendar Card

Video Cards

Navigation Drawer

filter sort and naviage

by type

oldest to newsest

back of the cards textyou can find it

Tree starts at a tree life time endeavour


collaborative space for sharing events

Tanni understoru