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Yep, Super Happy indeed.

Well, the week was busy and Luke and I just sort of pulled everything together at the last minute, but Vancouver's first SHDH went pretty darn well, I think. Like I said, we were long on the Super and the Happy. Maybe not so much Dev, but I had an absolutely awesome number of great conversations. And we really did go all the way to 1am....we could have gone longer if the keg of beer hadn't run out *hours* earlier (another surprise, that...).

Connected in particular with David Ascher....who I've had great convo's with in the past, but found out a little more about him this time around. Hmmm. Vancouver Open Source Mafia. I like it :P I didn't really find out about Flapjax, which David was mumbling about...something for Steven to dive into, I think.

Was great to see everyone. A BCIT broadcast/journalism team grabbed a bunch of video, so we'll see how that turned out. Can't link/shout out to everyone, but here are a few links/one liners of interest.

(Man, this is getting long, and I haven't even done the Hadsie, Mack Hardy, or Ariane shout outs...that's it for now, see y'all soonish) 

SocialText, ActiveState, Sophos -- thanks for coming, and thanks for supporting with beer and pizza delivery. Radek Burkat gets the spontaneous rib steak donation award :P

Next up: DemoCampVancouver, May 24th. Yes, this blog IS filled mainly with event announcements :P One of these days, the great merging of personal etc. and upgrading will happen...