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As Ralph Meijer puts it, I am still delinquent in publishing the notes I took after BarCamp Amsterdam:

I suppose the plan for World Domination™ will remain a secret until Boris Mann publishes the result of the notes he took at BarCamp Amsterdam. The event was totally awesome. Thanks all!

I'm *still* carrying the notes around with me -- I had the great good fortune to spend a lot of time with Ralph and Edwinn and suck all the Jabber aka XMPP knowledge I could out of them that I could. I've been following the growth of Jabber/XMPP for years, and here are some of the concepts and happenings which I think are going to blow it wide open in 2006:

What are my next steps with XMPP? Well, I'm getting very interested in what a combination of a Jabber server plus identity store might be able to do. Parceltongue is a placeholder for potentially writing such a server in Python (why another server? well, part of that is in the secret notes...let's just say that Jabberd 1.x and Jabber 2.x are both needed if you want to run a complete set of services, plus the aforementioned desire for a "P" language to run a Jabber server with).

I'm going to be attending FOSDEM 2006 in Brussels, and I hope to talk with and about Jabber while I'm there, focusing mainly on community aspects (see Ralph's "Call for Presence"). Ralph, maybe you and I could do a "Jabber World Domination" presentation oriented towards non-Jabber users? It seems to me that much of the community feeling is focused around individual applications (which is's hard to get verklempt about a protocol...hmmm...unless maybe it's RSS :P) and there needs to be some work done on interoperability and lots of great stuff actually getting out there and getting the recognition it deserves.