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This is a talk I gave at the August 18th Vancouver Ecademy meeting. I was asked to give a brief, 10 minute talk about blogging, specifically how blogging relates/impacts/etc. business. Since many people in Ecademy are entrepreneurs and/or run businesses that tend to be smaller, I focused on small business aspects.

What is blogging?

Why run a business blog?

  1. increase your search ranking
    • search placement has the best ROI
    • I'm the #1 hit for "technology consulting vancouver"
  2. connect with your customers
    • provides a real voice and real connection to your business -- which just happens to be online
    • having conversations (comments, links to your posts, etc.) with many more people than you could ever have in person
  3. demonstrate yourself as a subject matter expert
    • posting about things that you know, whether original thoughts, expansions of other ideas, or even as rebuttals, will establish you as a voice of authority in your community of practice
    • speaking engagements, guest authorship


Some questions that I thought people might have in mind, which I pre-emptively answered.

Who else is doing this?

Why would I want to give away valuable information?
This is only for tech companies, right?
There were some good questions afterwards, none of which I wrote down, but in particular I remember one asking about corporate uses of blogging. My little talk was specifically limited to giving an overview of using blogging for primarily small businesses, but here are some brief thoughts.

Blogging/personal publishing has many uses in the corporate world. First, for public use, it is another communication channel, and so definitely needs to be considered as part of the marketing mix. Internal usage of these tools can be very successfull in promoting information sharing, whether it be used for research, marketing, competitive intelligence, or project management.

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