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Everyone is all a-twitter that MT 3.0 is about to come out of hiding. Am I biased because I use a different publishing system? Probably.

But I maintain that MT has gotten to the top of the heap because of it's wide adoption. Much like Windows. Many people agree that OS X or even Linux is a technically superior operating system, but it's still Windows with the lion's share of the market. Much like MT.

So, herewith, a list of things that I don't like about MT.

These are in no particular order. I've used MT (kicking and screaming), but am by no means proficient. These are my opinions, so you can disagree with them. Feel free to comment or otherwise let me know if I get something factually wrong. And yes, I am talking about a default install.

What systems do I like? Depends on what you want to do. In any case, ease of installation and ease of use are two primary goals that always need to be satisfied.

Wordpress is an excellent individual or blog-only application that has many standards-based features built in from the get-go. It falls down a bit with its media management, but is still the engine I recommend for people that just want a blog.

Drupal is my pick for advanced users, anyone that wants a community-based site, or as a content management system for business websites. Its base set of modules have everything included, its template system is flexible enough that you can build whatever you like, and its aggregation and feed-generating capabilities are without par.

I'm sure that MT 3 will address some of these issues. Like Windows, it may very well introduce a whole set of new ones.

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