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  • Monday, 07/17/23 ** 18:05 more watches

that buzz aldrin shot with the three omegas is crazy

i want as many watches as i can get

as many functions as is possible

smart watch, dumb watch, broken watch, fixed watch, watch with a chunk taken out of it, watch that works miracles, watch themed like minecraft, watch from oakley or nike or lego or some kind of wonderful ** 18:52 I like that anyone on the internet can understand what I'm thinking about, who I am, how I feel, what my taste is without having to read any words.

Why don't I like using words to express myself? They feel too complicated. Words don't lend you the ability to separate aesthetics from communication, not entirely. Borges says that English is the best language to write in because every idea can be expressed in two ways - the latin way and the germanic way (not to mention all of our French loan words) - but this makes me more fearful of the connotations that words bring, not less. To use a term is to evoke the feelings others have associated with it. Words carry with them ideas and opinions and stigmas and connotations of all forms; they're more dangerous as the songs you listened to with your ex partner, the one you thought would be the love of your life, or the... not sure. Another example here. Writing is too often used to communicate 'logically', not expressively, so to use those logical connotations that might have specific charge to them to do things feels innappropriate in a way.

Music is too emotional, by contrast; we don't fully understand why, but human relationship with music, almost by construction, is to form an emotional attachment.

Images seem more pure in this way. They feel neutral ** 23:32 the new minimalism

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