📚 node [[2022 06 01]]
  • First of June! Feels significant somehow.
    • One month to the quarter (and to do my OKRs at work).
    • Seven months to go in the year.
    • I start this month single for the first time in 10 years.
    • In some Flancias the revolution started one month after [[international workers day]].
      • One month for planning, then a call to action?
  • [[flâneuse]] == [[calico fisk]]
  • I really want to implement:
    • That script/function to gather all known TODOs from a garden in one place.
    • [[path tracking]] (for the user) in the Agora.
  • Meet [[diegodlh]].

I feel as if something is turning. It might not be much longer.

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