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The episode claims that Sigmund Freud#39;s most important work is /Beyond the Pleasure Principle/, but that you shouldn't start reading Freud with that.

Jacqueline Rose has important commentary on Freud's later works.

Sigmund Freudessentially believed that one is not born a woman

Jacques Lacandidn't "become Lacan" until Seminar XI.

Hegel's idea of the subject is only free when it recognizes itself in absolute otherness.

Lacan's idea of anxiety is a bit like Hegel's idea of freedom.

The hosts do not like Lacan's Ecrits much.

Zizekbelieves that Christianityhas an atheistic core to it.

Sigmund Freud#39;s point regarding the phallus is that it's false from the start, it's not "phallo-centric". Psychoanalysisis an analysis of a phallo-centric society.

Recommended readings


  • A Note Upon the Mystic Writing Pad

  • Negation

  • Fetishism

  • The Interpretation of Dreams


  • The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis

  • Anxiety


  • Looking Awry

  • The Plague of Fantasies

  • The Fright of Real Tears

  • The Parallax View

  • Less Than Nothing


The episode recommends all of Copjec's works, but in particular:

  • "The Orthopsychic Subject"

  • "Sex and the Euthanasia of Reason"


  • The Odd One In

  • Ethics of the Real


  • The Call of Character: Living a Life Worth Living

  • Between Levinas and Lacan: Self, Other, Ethics

  • The Ethics of Opting Out

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