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  • The question of imperialismfor Marxists began in the 20th century by trying to understand

    1. international capitalist competition and war

    2. hierarchy within world capitalism and relationship between imperialist countries and colonies

  • Recent data indicates that hierarchy still exists in the capitalist world

  • The author critiques Robert Brenner for dismissing imperialism as a problem

  • The author highlights that Engelswas already pointing out that England was beginning to form a kind of labor aristocracy

  • Marx was already beginning to observe the [[file:~/org/roam/20210403142548-problem_of_working_classes_in_advanced_capitalist_countries_abandoning_socialism.org][problem of working classes in advanced capitalist countries abandoning socialism]]

  • Eduard Bernsteinbelieved that imperialismwas novel, and that there was a possibility for progressive, socialist colonies

  • The Second Internationalwas hotly divided on the question of imperialism and colonialism

  • It's worth noting that the author defines imperialism as "the transfer of surplus from the periphery to the capitalist center"

  • The author argues that Chinais a semi-peripheral country in the capitalist world order

  • The author argues that if China is to become imperialist it would mean a dramatic increase in value transfer from the periphery

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