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[2021-03-28 Sun 03:31]

I compiled [[Emacs from source]]. I find it pretty fantastic that I can do that. An absolutely amazing tool that I use daily, built by a community of people around the world, I can just download the code and build it myself. Makes me feel positive.

[2021-03-28 Sun 03:36]

Would like to give [[Snikket]] a go. Or XMPP of some kind, at least.

@levelsio writes about how you can’t really contact him, on purpose.

Reading public tweets sent to me, and replying. People behave much better in public messages than in direct messages, so that's also nice. And the message length limit really helps keep things efficient.

This is really not how I’m wired. I like meeting people and getting on calls with them. But, I already do mostly answer things publicly, work on my digital garden here, and blog so I can share the same answer multiple times.

Also makes me think about [[Derek Sivers You Don’t Have to Be Local]] https://sive.rs/local

I have been in global mode again for a couple of years, and I see that continuing ... except I do go “local” when I travel, eg the folks I know in Berlin.

  • Need a critical history of technology

  • Problems of representation

  • Centralization vs decentralization

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