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...Sequential Wiki Not a formal term, but I use it often. A sequential wiki is like a wiki page, but people contribute blocks of [[content]] instead of arbitrary fragments; and they maintain clear ownership and control over their blocks. I call the [[agora]] a distribu...

This is an excellent concept but I'm not sold on the name, simply because part of what's so powerful about this kind of thing is that the possibilities for sequencing are wide open. Like with the experimental upranking in settings -- maybe what I want to see first are my social contacts' blocks, people I "follow". Or maybe I want to pull in a ranking service that has experts vet medical info and be able to uprank based on that. Or maybe I want to most of the time see something like one of the above, but sometimes surf the recent content just for fun. You know? "Sequential" makes me think the order is important, I guess, but that might be overly programmer-brained, and probably I'm coming at this with different metaphors than you had in mind. Curious to hear your thoughts!

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