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Links the philosophy of math, from oxford computational linear algebra course ascii art phase of the moon The radix 2^51 trick tired answers to half baked questions !! both article on category theory but commentary on stack exchange FatNums: An Alternate Representation for School Arithmetic

William J. Bowman on Twitter: "Last time, asked students to prove the empty set is not equal to the set containing the empty set. This time, I asked them to prove 1 is not equal to 0. This was by mistake. Thankfully, has resulted in a most pedantic discussion about whether we know conjunction is commutative." / Twitter

Math 63CM Winter 2020

Download generatingfunctionology Functional Differential Geometry by Sussman, Gerald Jay, Wisdom, Jack (2013 Rayo's number video

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Rubik's Cube group - Wikipedia

A brief overview and discussion of PCA.