lard shader automation digital fabrics experimental graphics terminal wireframe editor studio for graphic design and art Text Editors Etch Alexandros Marinos on Twitter: "Machines are making beautiful things without even trying to. We ask them to make something that optimizes for our requirements, they give us something back that looks surprisingly like nature. What is going on? A Thread" / Twitter index | :: contemporary and digital art Hex Constraint Systems pixel editor lots of cool projects motivated by space, maps, and tracking data around the world drawing with vectors by touching! learn to draw by starting a box! itsrainingmani/lsys: L-Systems: Interactive Fractal Generator urbit/sigil-js: ~4.2 billion default profile pics generate 3d buildings using node graphs, also has generative art Raytracingand is aBlogs 3d out of paper

Tools for generative art

helpful articles

guide to flow fields learning processing from first principles good field overview of generative art resources

nannou: great low level multimedia toolkitRust another great looking processing book! Casey REAS, creator of processing and one of the progenitors of generative art simulating watercolors with generative art using generative organic methods for growth! : create generative art using image data. this looks absolutely incredible! archive of resources for the creation of form through code! notion database cataloguing tons of generative art techniques! a real time wave tracer technique a browser based live coding environment with live coding output; a tool and playground to play with ASCII, Fonts and otherwise. brilliant image generation and generative art work. inspirational!

a system for making generative algorithms succeeds snek an overview of noise in creative coding generating subscapes in virtual geometry